Introducing Plex.Earth Timeviews™: View the most up-to-date satellite imagery in AutoCAD

How many times did you wish you could have the current view of your project area? Outdated imagery can lead to costly design mistakes. Not anymore.

We have launched Plex.Earth Timeviews™, our new premium service, which brings Bird.i's up-to-date satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe, Airbus and Planet into your designs. Now you can get the most current view of your project area for any place in the world (you can read more here).

To guide you through Timeviews™, we have prepared a tutorial to show you how easy is to view the newest satellite imagery into your AutoCAD designs, for any project in the world.

Do you want to get free and unlimited access to Timeviews™ until the 31st of August?

We have an exclusive offer currently running for our amazing customers and anyone who wants to grab a new Plex.Earth subscription now!

Just make sure you download the newest version of Plex.Earth and follow the in-app instructions.

Copy KML/KMZ objects from Google Earth to AutoCAD with Plex.Earth

We have introduced a powerful new feature in the latest version of Plex.Earth 4, which allows you to import objects from Google Earth into AutoCAD with a simple copy and paste operation.

You can even import KMZ elements that are loaded dynamically into Google Earth!

Interested to find more? Read our tutorial here.

How to create live tours in Google Earth, for your AutoCAD design, with Plex.Earth

How to create live tours in Google Earth, for your AutoCAD design, with Plex.Earth

Showcasing your AutoCAD design to Google Earth and sharing it with others can be vital for your project: Winning that customer, taking instant feedback, convincing local authorities/communities and shareholders for your design.

What about not just exporting your design but also creating realistic videos and immersive live tours in Google Earth?

We have created a tutorial to show you how you can easily do that with Plex.Earth to engage anyone you want from the early stages of your design, reducing subsequent and unproductive iterations that cost you time and money.