Outdated information can lead to nasty (and often costly) design mistakes – and that can include outdated imagery!

NEW- make faster decisions with greater confidence by browsing time-based aerial and satellite photographs of your project area; see it before, see it now, see what changed!

Your watch-and-rewind advantage – Plex.Earth Timeviews™

See the progress of Dubai Marina, from November 2017 to January 2019 – inside AutoCAD!

Because the real world is always changing, sometimes overnight.

An example; the Brumadinho dam in Brazil collapsed in January, 2019, changing both lives and landscape.

Less than a week later we could help you facilitate rebuilding and recovery, by delivering before and after aerial photos, already scaled and already aligned inside AutoCAD.


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We recently joined forces with Bird.i to bring you the most recent satellite imagery from premium providers such as Airbus, DigitalGlobe and Planet Labs, aiming to significantly improve the way you design, getting the uncertainty out of your decision making.

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