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Get the MOST RECENT high-res satellite imagery for your project area.
Choose from years ago, to just DAYS ago, from inside AutoCAD!

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Plex.Earth gives thousands of engineers the complete 3D geographical view of their project area,
in less than 5 minutes.
Wherever in the world - Whenever they need it.

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  • At ASUS, the utilization of Plex.Earth has dramatically increased our productivity and accuracy in referencing Nearmap and Google Earth images into our Autocad products.
    — Joseph Glick, CAD Technician, American States Utility Services, Inc.
  • Phenomenally useful when combining archaeological data and interpretations in AutoCAD with the powerful display options of Google Earth.
    — Dr. Lacey M. Wallace, Research Associate, Cambridge University
  • This has helped us to identify key issues (low water pressure, areas with high risk for erosion damage, etc) that we would not have been able to see clearly.
    — Adam Kirchner, Civil Engineer, Engineers Without Borders USA
  • Plex.Earth is an amazing tool! Instead of making conversions through ArcGIS I can now produce the same results directly into AutoCAD and at a fraction of the time.
    — Sotiris Sofias, Land Surveyor, Oil & Energy Sector


3D magic with Plex.Earth 4: Convert a flat AutoCAD drawing into its 3D representation in 5 minutes!



Impress and engage clients and stakeholders, winning their hearts, their appreciation – and the contract. Now you can export whole drawings into Google Earth, allowing everyone to easily tour and understand your design or proposals.


You are always looking at the bigger picture to make the best design decisions, and satellite or aerial imagery is uniquely suited to give you both advantages and invaluable understanding. It’s actually better than being there!


Now you can design with greater confidence, because you really can see everything; every bump and dip, every channel, ridge or obstruction on the site, and the surrounding areas too. Any time you like, anywhere in the world.