Whether you are an organization, team, or individual, there is a Plex.Earth subscription suitable for you.

Every Plex.Earth plan includes:

24/7 top-notch technical support
No geographic restrictions - Use for any project worldwide
Upgrade to a higher plan or add more users at any time


Light functionality for daily use by every AEC professional in the world.

  • Import single image from the current view of Google Earth
  • Create simple terrain models and elevation contours from the current view of Google Earth
  • Synchronize views between Google Earth and AutoCAD
  • Insert geo-tagged photos from GPS-enabled cameras or smartphones
  • Create placemarks, paths and polygons in Google Earth from points, lines and polylines in AutoCAD


Advanced capabilities for AEC professionals wanting to boost productivity at every stage of their projects.

Everything in the Basic plan, plus:

  • Advanced mosaic functionality to cover large areas with high-res imagery
  • Connectivity to WMS and other imagery providers (Bing Maps, USGS, OpenStreetMap etc.)
  • Powerful terrain importing functionality
  • Advanced exporting from AutoCAD to Google Earth, for project visualization in the real-world
  • Import KML files into AutoCAD
  • Raster editing functionality (merging of mutiple images etc.)

Do you need floating or organization-wide licensing?
The Team Configuration is the workflow booster for AEC teams that need the flexibility of sharing a pool of licenses.

  • Allows you to share licenses among different members of your team, whether located at the same or remote offices worldwide
  • Make your IT happy: There is no need to set up and maintain an on-premises license server - License sharing runs on our cloud services

Existing Customer?

If your subscription has or is about to expire