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Every plan includes:

24/7 top-notch technical support
No geographic restriction - Work anywhere
Free upgrades to updates and new versions



Ideal for small scale projects

per license

Import single images from Google Earth and WMS
Create single view terrain models and elevation contours from Google Earth
View synchronization between Google Earth and AutoCAD
Connectivity to other imagery providers (e.g. WMS, Bing Maps, USGS, OpenStreetMap etc.)
Insert geo-tagged photos, captured with GPS-enabled cameras or smartphones
Create placemarks, paths and polygons in Google Earth from points, lines and polylines in AutoCAD


Most popular for successful projects

per license

STANDARD's features, plus:

Floating licenses (at very low extra rates - only per year) to be shared among your team members
Advanced mosaic functionality to cover large areas with high-res imagery
Advanced exporting to Google Earth for project visualization in the real-world
Import KML files into AutoCAD
Advanced raster editing functionality, such as merging of multiple images


No limits for successful organizations

per license

Everything, plus:

Unlimited installations, globally, for all the members of your organizations
Number of licenses determines maximum allowed concurrent users

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