Plex.Earth Wins!

We won with OPAP!

OPAP is best known as the giant company running Greece’s state lotteries, though we didn’t win the lottery (even if it feels like it from here!). Instead, we’ve been awarded a spot in their very special program called "Business Growth".

538 other hopeful applicants took the challenge, knowing only 20 of us could be awarded entry, so that was the first lottery feeling…

So just what is the program? 

In short, the program is to support the most promising SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) in Greece. It’s a joint venture between the giant Greek gaming company and the international non-profit organization, Endeavor.

In their own words:

Through a rigorous, multi-step selection process, Endeavor annually screens thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world to identify those with the best talent and potential for impact.


And it’s not just a nice plaque or certificate because they put real money and ongoing support behind the program; see here for details.

So were we nervous? 

Yes, but winning or not, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to show to the whole world this small but AWESOME little company we’re all so, so proud of!

Would the selectors agree with our high opinion of Plex.Earth? Would they take note of such things as:

•    The first to offer easy mapping solutions to AutoCAD users around the world?
•    Our “clean” track record, with thousands of enthusiastic users?
•    Our ISO certification of expert support, in less than 4 hours?
•    All the other great stuff we wanted to tell them about?

Well actually they took note of EVERYTHING!

We passed– we were in the top 100!  

Then we faced the next big hurdle, they narrowed it down to the top 20 SMEs.

Could we possibly make it into the top 20, to be awarded participation into the program?

It was really challenging: interviews, data, diagnostics etc. etc. 

Remember, only 20 could be selected, just 1 in 5, out of the top 100 already selected…


We made it to the final winners.

So what does all this mean for you?

It means the giant company OPAP, with the expert assistance of the equally huge international non-profit Endeavor, have examined literally hundreds of SMEs – and they picked us!

Did they pick us because of the excellence of our main product, the software already helping thousands of engineers worldwide to connect their design to Google Earth and the real world?

Did they pick your plucky little plugin maker, as one of the very best-run and conscientious companies?

Yes to both! However, the primary thing they picked was our people, people whose vision, proven skill sets and determination have bought Plex.Earth to life and now to maturity, as the trusted name in AutoCAD mapping.

If it’s AutoCAD and Google Earth, or AutoCAD and any of over 3,000 coordinate mapping systems, it’s Plex.Earth.

We’re very proud of that, and as a team we’re proud to serve you, our customers. 

If you don’t already have Plex.Earth, you can try it for free here.