Plex.Earth: Import 3D terrain and imagery from Google Earth to AutoCAD

For the last months, our development team has been very busy in building the new version of our flagship product, Plex.Earth 4.

We're all excited having added some unique features to our software, and although our new version is in beta, we would like to share a sneak peek at these new capabilities.

If you want to discover first-hand what Plex.Earth 4.0 can do, just go to this page, and become one of our free beta testers. Don't forget: This is the full, unrestricted new version, without watermarks and CAN be used for real projects!

We have also prepared a video showing how to automatically import terrain and georeferenced imagery from Google Earth to AutoCAD and finally export our model in Google Earth in less than 5 minutes!

As you can see in the video above, we've created a detailed 3D terrain model of the Agios Georgios island wind farm, in the Aegean Sea, using the unique and brand new capabilities of Plex.Earth.

It all starts with a simple coast outline in plain AutoCAD... Then:

  1. We are locating the area in Google Earth, by using the 'Zoom To Area' command of Plex.Earth.

  2. We import high-resolution imagery from Google Earth, using the advanced functionality of Plex.Earth to create mosaics for covering large areas - at the highest accuracy

  3. We insert AutoCAD blocks in the locations of the wind turbines on the island.

  4. Using the 'Convert to 3D Imagery', a unique feature introduced in Plex.Earth 4, we are creating a realistic 3D model of the terrain.

  5. The new feature 'Snap Objects to Terrain' automatically brings the blocks to their actual elevation.

  6. Finally, we are exporting the blocks to Google Earth (using the 'Export drawing to Google Earth' command), so we can see and explore our design into its real environment.

What do all these mean for you?

If you are a civil engineer, struggling to keep your project on time and on a budget, then you probably understand the value of these new capabilities. In short, Plex.Earth provides you with a complete view of your project area from the very beginning of your design. The benefits are numerous such as:

  • You can deal with all design aspects from the very beginning of the project.

  • You can have a very quick estimation of the construction cost (calculation of earthwork quantities and costs).

  • You can be prepared even before land surveyors go on the site.

Furthermore, exporting your AutoCAD model into Google Earth allows you to exchange your design and relevant data with your colleagues, customers and other interested parties. Consequently:

  • You keep everyone engaged in the project and take feedback anytime you need.

  • You can validate your decisions and reject bad ones quickly.

  • You can minimise revision cycles.

  • Finally, you succeed to keep your project on time and within budget.

Last but not least, with the 3D photorealistic capabilities of Plex.Earth 4, you can create breathtaking presentations in Google Earth, winning everyone's hearts and... the contract.

Not yet convinced? Sign here to become one of our free beta testers, give us your valuable feedback and stay tuned for more!