Hot off the press: Plex.Earth is featured in the popular blog CAD Intentions

What a week! With the latest release of our software coming out in the following few months (for the time being you can become a beta tester for free), we have some exciting news to share with you:

Content is King (and we love it)!

When it comes to content, cyberspace is like a black hole: Only genuinely good content that is useful and interesting for readers will get you the crown.

If you're into CAD, you have probably noticed a nice blog with well-crafted content called CAD Intentions (if not, make sure you check it out!). Its creator is Brandon Loehr, a honoree of the AutoCAD 35 under 35 Young Designers List (Get to know Brandon by reading his interview here).

Brandon contacted us because he had created an older video on his channel where he shows how to bring a Google Earth image into AutoCAD and roughly georeference it. He told us that the ability to overlay geo-referenced imagery into drawings is a hugely requested topic from his email and youtube subscribers, so a newer and improved video featuring Plex.Earth, as a solution, could do very well with his viewers/readers.

Of course, we were honored by his proposal to feature our software and sent him everything he needed.

Finally, Brandon created this nice video about Plex.Earth, published a separate post on his blog and his medium account.

A thank you note

We wrote this post to say a big thanks to Brandon for showing his readers/viewers what Plex.Earth can do for them (you can subscribe to CAD Intentions newsletter and youtube channel to keep yourselves to date on new CAD news, tutorials, and tricks).

Plex.Earth was built on the idea that every engineer and architect in the world should have access to robust and easy-to-use software, that will allow them to keep their projects on time and on budget. 

Since Plex.Earth's creation in 2010 it has been an exciting ride and as a team, we would like to sincerely thank everyone that has written about Plex.Earth and of course our customers.

Interested in finding out what Plex.Earth can do for you? Sign here to become one of our free beta testers, give us your valuable feedback and stay tuned for more!