How to create live tours in Google Earth, for your AutoCAD design, with Plex.Earth

Showcasing your AutoCAD design to Google Earth and sharing it with others can be vital for your project: Winning that customer, taking instant feedback, convincing local authorities/communities and stakeholders for your design.

What about not just exporting your design but also creating realistic videos and immersive live tours in Google Earth?

We have created a tutorial to show you how you can easily do that with Plex.Earth to engage anyone you want from the early stages of your design, reducing unnecessary iterations that cost you time and money.

Video is the most powerful medium to gain your viewers attention and your design definitely deserves that!

What other methods do you use to showcase your design to customers and shareholders? Just leave a comment below with some of the methods you follow.

Also feel free to contact us at for any questions you may have, or even to publish your video tour in our social media.

If you don't already have Plex.Earth, you can download your fully-functional weekly trial from here.