Beta Tester's Survey

If you can still see this survey then we’re still accepting Beta Testers!

Between now and the end of June 2017 we are offering FREE access to Plex.Earth 4.0, for up to 50 users of AutoCAD 2018, for the purpose of testing it for features, compatibility etc.

This is the full, unrestricted version, without watermarks and CAN be used for real projects!

That of course is exciting enough BUT we are going even further to ensure this version is as perfect as previous versions… Should you decide to continue using Plex.Earth 4.0 beyond the beta testing period you will be entitled to BIG discounts, as a reward for your help!

The catch? We’ll cancel your access and discount if we don’t receive your feedback questionnaire by the end of June. That’s it! No other restrictions!

Your discount will be emailed to you in the form of a special voucher code to use with our payment processor, Fastspring, which could be used for 30 days after the official release.

Thank you for your participation!

Name *
Are you currently using or have ever used an earlier version of Plex.Earth? *
Do you currently attempt to insert Google Earth or similar satellite backgrounds and mapping into your projects manually? *
Have you ever tried using any other form of software or plugin for inserting satellite imagery into your AutoCAD projects, such as a GIS system? If so, can you name it? *