We have created this service plan with the essential tools for you and any other engineer in the world who wants to save hours of manual work and to design with confidence.


Synchronize views between CAD and Google Earth

Instantly locate your project in the real world with a robust toolset that allows you to zoom and synchronize views between CAD and Google Earth, in 2D or 3D.

Import image and terrain from Google Earth

Specify your area of interest in Google Earth and simply:

  • Click the “Basic Image” command in Plex.Earth to bring a georeferenced image of the current view in Google Earth, perfectly aligned with your drawing!

  • Click the “Basic Terrain” command to bring a detailed terrain model from Google Earth in AutoCAD.

In just a few seconds!

Create placemarks, paths and polygons

Do you want to put a placemark in Google Earth for a position in your drawing? Do you want to show a route or an alignment? Or just to share the bounds of your design elements with your colleagues easily in Google Earth?

Plex.Earth comes with everything you need to create placemarks, paths and polygons in Google Earth through your CAD, with just a single click!

Insert photos from GPS-enabled cameras or smartphones

Do you simply want to import into your CAD a photo you took with smartphone or a colleague has sent you? And georeferenced, of course?

Plex.Earth does all the magic: grabs your photo, reads the geotagging information on it, converts into your coordinate system and loads it into CAD.

Sounds overwhelming, right? No worries. Again Plex.Earth does it for you, with a single click, in 2 seconds!